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Breaking the silence - preventing harassment and sexual misconduct


Breaking the Silence


Where do you draw the line?

‘Where do you draw the line?’ is a sexual harassment prevention approach developed collaboratively by UCL and the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford.

It begins with the proposition that harassment in contemporary academia is more commonplace and widespread than we would like to admit, but that it is often nuanced, coded and/or covert.

‘Where do you draw the line?’ is 90 minute session that is delivered by members of the E&D team and PPD to an individual department with the support of the Head of Department. The training will be rolled out to the University from January 2018 onwards.

The training offers individual departments the opportunity to undertake a collective analysis of the individual and contextual factors that might create and perpetuate a work environment in which harassment and bullying occur and empower participants to work collaboratively to address this.  

 The training will be delivered in a safe and supportive environment and is offered to all University staff members. The participation of a range of staff groups in the training is encouraged. 


Staff training on student disclosures of sexual assault

The University is running sessions for all College and University staff regarding how to appropriately respond to a disclosure of sexual violence.  The briefing includes information about the prevalence and attitudes around sexual violence, as well as the College and University systems in place to support and investigate any sexual violence.  University and College staff can find out when the next sessions are on the PPD pages. 


Support training provided by Personal and Professional Development (PPD)